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Client Success Stories

Step into our clients' success stories, where trust, reliability, and expertise shine through every project!
“James is great to work with - he’s personable and communicates well throughout the process. He is a great guide to Shepard projects.”
Hunter Glass
Owner, BFT The Grove
“He was very responsive and really easy to work with. When you need a permit from the city of Austin, Call James for an initial call and hire him!”
Suong Bui
Owner, Oasis Face Bar
"He took over the process, expedited the filing & additional paperwork, making it easy and painless. Highly recommend his expertise for peace of mind."
Dena Merrill
"James, of JAG Permits, did the job quickly and saved us so much time and trouble. His documentation and communications are spot on.  Good Job, JAG!"
Diane Brewer
Residential Homeowner